About us

The Wild Tea Bar was founded by Diane Amey, her love for cake, education, well-being and nature inspired her to create a business around her passions.

Built organically the brand and business was developed and has grown through a Natwest Women in business project, crowd funding and community spirit. Diane received support and empowerment from those around her to take the leap and do something a little bit special.

What is the Wild Tea Bar -

A beautifully converted horsebox on the edge of the Southdowns National Park.

The Wild Tea Bar's vision is to create a relaxing space outside for families/parents/carers/grandparents/passers by to enjoy whilst fuelling tummies and minds. There is an extensive menu and activities for families to enjoy such as bug hunting, den building and nature identification games. Being outside is great for well being, there's nothing more enjoyable than laying down looking at the clouds and watching the birds fly above.

The Wild Tea Bar has an ethos to 'leave no trace' and so recyclable and compostable materials are used where possible to minimise the impact on the environment. All of our delivery packaging, coffee, tea bags and plates can all be recycled, reused or composted. Our waste system encourages families to think about recycling and reusing.
With strong business values of Nourish, Kindness and Family, the Wild Tea Bar aims to make sure that every one who uses the service has a sense of these when they visit.

Come and see what it's about, join us on our journey and become part of the Wild Tea Bar family.

See you soon