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January Blues or HUMPH?

There's a song about the bleak mid winter for a reason... The weather is chilly, we sometimes restrict ourselves because of New Years resolutions, whether it's for dry January, or trying to regain healthy eating habits... Our motto at the Wild Tea Bar is that everything is okay in moderation, you can't limit yourself all the time, because that can generally make January even harder.

Why not move more? Get outside with the kiddies, the dog, your partner, friends or simply some YOU time. We are a great believers in head space, and for us, the outdoors is most certainly a place we love to enjoy (as you probably know by now!)

Walk. Run. Jog. Laugh. Skip. Dance. Or simply get to the top of a hill and scream... go on, let it all out - you will feel much better afterwards!

If the weather is too bleak the inside is just as fun, pop the left over mulled wine on, grab a book or some games, get a craft project on the go and hunker down until its clear again to take a breath of mother natures finest air. 

We like to take this time in January to LOOK FORWARD. We have a few new things to share with you, and a little push to perhaps get yourselves a tiny bit organised for the year ahead...

NEW for 2022

We’ve created a Brownie gang… it’s exciting, it’s exclusive and best of all - it gives you access to some blimin’ special types of brownies!  

Would you like to be part of our gang?

Heres the details…

  • You sign up to our Brownie Gang subscription
  • Every month we will send you a box of 4 specially designed, triple layered, exclusive brownies or blondies
  • No one else can get their little hands on the goods - only those in the gang will benefit from snuffling up our most recent design
  • We will send you a little email about a week before so you know what’s going to arrive
  • What’s delivered will never make an appearance again in the year! 
  • As always, the bakes will have a weeks life on them, or can be frozen for up to 3 months


As a launch offer, we allowed our customers to order our first box this January as a one time purchase and boy was it popular! It far superseded our expectations and we had to get a serious bake on to cope with the demand!

We are thankful, and really excited to see that we already have a good number of customers in our gang for the months ahead. They don’t want to miss out on the secret goods…

Can we tempt you even more? Our first month saw this being delivered… The Oreo Triple Stack Brownie

Base layer of home baked milk & white chocolate chunk chocolate cookie
Middle layer of Oreo Cookies
Topped with our original brownie mix
Finished with a sprinkling of white chocolate swirls and crushed Oreos 

OH. MY. GOODNESS. (Taste testers were extremely happy to say the least!)

Don’t miss out… sign up today for February’s release HERE





Earn yourself some brownie points (boom boom!!) and get yourself organise. Place those orders in time, so you don't miss out on all those celebrations!

Whether its a birthday that deserves the best loaded chocolate brownies, a 'Thank you' gift box with flowers or perhaps a 'take care of yourself' box of brownies & tea - lets make 2022 a gifting year thats not the norm... whatever the occasion!


Our 2022 diary is looking exciting already. From purposeful pop ups with the Tea Bar, to a new feature we are hoping to pull off called Cycle Saturday (or maybe Sunday's - depending on weather and eventualities) to large events and shows scheduled too. Collaborations for some special dates that will be exclusive and of course designing new and exciting, totally scrumptious brownies and blondies for the year ahead!

If you have any SPECIAL EVENTS this year and would like to know how we could put the icing on that cake so to speak, we would be happy to discuss. Our Hire Us section gives you most of the details, but of course, we are totally flexible, so contact us about any thoughts you may have!

Wishing you the best of 2022... lets make it AWESOME!

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